Welcome to “Neko no Jikan”

This is the first cat cafe in Japan, opened in 2004.

“Neko no Jikan” is a special place to be surrounded by cats in a Japanese-style room with tatami mats!

Good-natured, well-groomed cats are waiting for you!

・No reservation required


・Opening hours:11:00~18:00

Weekday(Wed~Fri) 1200yen per 1hour
Weekend(Sat & Sun) & National Holiday 1300yen per 1hour

<Special Offer>

There is a special room named “Second House” at Neko no Jikan.

If you & your friends/ family wish to have the cat all to yourself, we can offer you a special room.  

The room will be reserved for private use.

・Reservation required

★Please make reservation in advance info@www.nekonojikan.com

・Reservation will not be accepted on the day of contact. Please contact us 3 days before your visit at least.


・Opening hours:
13:00~17:00(weekday), 13:00~14:00(weekend)

・Charge: 1700yen per 1hour opening hours above
・Reception: at Neko no Jikan(building 2nd floor)

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