some fear, want to escape the meaning. He turned his head and smiled and said to the birds and animals, Do not be afraid, I with them. Between the words, the mood of the phantom sword, mouth out, quickly fly down in his hands, Liu Zhengyu a rollover, magic sword swaying, people and sword together to each other. Who is he, is already the third layer of Jinluo immortal state, but since these heroes have all kinds of ability, but also arrived, but Liu Zhengyu sharp sword, there is no words and extra action, but a moment, the soul of the soldiers will all down under. Most of the animals here are not practicing, to see the front of Microsoft Certification this man, so powerful, all my heart have a little respect for Liu Zhengyu. Come fast with me. Jing Jingyu seems to life and death to see very heavy, arrived in the lake just over a hundred years, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) it exam Liu Zhengyu will be beheaded a dozen waves of the e.nvironment of the soldiers, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) night fell, he will be with hundreds of birds and animals, Get the water, the beast ecstatic, crazy to allow this to them from the difficult water, bu

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
98-379 Software Testing Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
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