ly north. Frog shaped monster looked at each other s departure, slightly stunned, a bird came to his front. Lord, look at this man some Microsoft Partner Competency practice, not the generals. Frog shaped monster shook his head, heart full of doubt about Liu Zhengyu, I do not know where he came from, why should insist on be.headed the dragon, but his words, his kind of determination, but it Microsoft Partner Competency it exam is so familiar. This reminds me of the mankind four hundred years ago, and he is as determined, but the final price Microsoft Certification is all killed, hope he can be safe. Lord, we all have to drink the water, we still leave it Frog shaped monster nodded. We are all filled with water, and we will leave. At dawn, the sun just out of the mountains, the cold ground immediately let people feel very hot, Liu Zhengyu finally through the vast desert, looked into the sky from the sky, although green grass, but because the planet has been human species, everywhere Is the ruins, still able to feel hundreds of years ago, there are trajectories of human activities, he can not help but shook his head, the war will alway.s bring great damage to the creatures. Although he has been longing for peace, but he has been in the non stop campaign, leaping over a long ruins, the front smoke billowing, killing the sound of shock, it is Once upon a time and the environment of the war, watching the two sides Of the body, the war is st

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
74-131 Designing a MS Office Enterprise Proj.Mgmt.EPM Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-132 Designing Portal Solutions with MS SharePoint Products Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-133 Customizing Portal Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-134 Pre-Installing MS Products using the OEM Pre-Install Kit Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-135 Developing E-Business Solutions Using MS BizTalk Server2004 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-137 Developing MS Off Using XML Prof Enterp Ed 2003 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-138 Plan and Build a Msg and Collab Envir Usin MS Off Sys and Win Serv Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-139 Deploying Business Desktops with MS Wind Serv and Off 2003 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
MB4-198 Retail Management system Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
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