ht moving, trotting far away, but also red Jinxiu made a face. Jinxiu smiled, loudly Do not be Microsoft Certification caught by me, or toss you one night. Giggle With Kim Tae yan silver bell like laughter, the two chase slapstick, the entire artificial lake near the two full of happy laughter, even insects also disappeared, bright moonlight sprinkled on Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert it exam the two people, but also with a trace Fantast.ic hazy. Jinxiu or did not touch Kim Tae yan, although some long Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert surging, but out of love for Kim Tae yan, Jinxiu or respect her. They just hugged and sleep, Kim Tae yan sleep very fast, this day a lot of things happen, but also let her some exhausted, but fell asleep, the mouth is still a trace of a smile. Jinxiu is looking at Kim Tae yan s Qiao Lian Rao long, this is unknowingly entered the sleep. The next day Kim Tae yan took the lead in opening his eyes, this is the most practical sleep of her sleep, unparalleled refreshin.g, quickly turned around and saw that person still lying on his side, this relieved. Kim Tae yan little mouth breath, Meimou with a smile, look carefully to Jinxiu, his face is not too many hard lines, not the kind of people feel safe face, but Kim Tae yan know that this handsome face whenever Where she will be desperate for her. Small hands on the chest of Jinxiu, stroking the streamlined muscles, some rugged, but so it is not put it down. Jinxiu s body is very good, it is his peren

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
77-427 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 1 Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert
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