o Xiao side of the people have been cheeky, followed by Microsoft Certification a large Microsoft IT Infrastructure team to go, they are very willing, in their view, with Xiao Xiao behind, even Ming crystal have picked up half of the real Is the loss of badly, because Xiao Xiao combat is too sturdy, and because of this, so the team Microsoft IT Infrastructure it exam has a lot of people Xiao Xiao beheaded so many ghost soldiers picked up that more Ming crystal gave birth to the views, but only Dare to talk in private. Shoulong team of such thing.s, mustard angel himself can not do the Lord, this team is still belong to Xiao Xiao tube, so the mustache angel hand over live and wait a moment, small children asked us under the views of people Do you live in reality Do you have a real person in your ranks The angel screamed, and urged, Do not let my family wait for a long time. Beard did not care to call the angel, turned toward Xiao Xiao hand over and said Xiao real people, the other side want to Shoulong team, how do you mean Xiao Xiao nodded, very good, I also know that some of them have given birth to my opinion, it is better to integrate int

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
98-349 Windows Operating System Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft IT Infrastructure
98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft IT Infrastructure
98-366 MTA Networking Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft IT Infrastructure
98-367 MTA Security Fundamentals Practice Test Microsoft Microsoft IT Infrastructure
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