other must go now. If you really want to go with this Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist it exam demon, please kill me. Jiang Rong said coldly. Jiang Liang shook his head. You know I will not kill you, do not be so headstrong, brother just want to get back to me. Then I killed this demonized witch in front of you. Talking, Jiang Rong sword piercing the scen.ery away, Cangjing metal cloak flash, Jiang Rong but jumped into the air, with giant force sword split to each other. Enough. Jiang wandering from the golden spear, Cangjing head cross a block. Clang. A loud noise, sword spear collision spark. Although the river is only two layers of skill, but the golden spear is artifact, the key Jiang Rong Microsoft Certification did not think her brother will really help the devil Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist to avoid, was invisible thrust, half the air launched Shuzhang far. Jiang Rong is also unknown to the mainland, the effort has been a breakthrough, from the demon sector practice, direct conversion for the Taoist practice, practice to reach Wu Zu realm. Even so, Jiang Rong if not the sword arrived on the ground, he will fall to the ground. Cangjing, we go. Jiang waves grabbed the scene of the arm, and instantly flew into the sky. Jiang Rong to see the sky.the river this to go, will certainly become Liu Zhengyu and Shen Feitian rival, and both sides fight, regardless of victory or defeat, they do not want to see. Think of Niangqie seriously ill, big step to the house to go. Chapte

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
MB3-701 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financials Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist
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