at the small girl in the mountain to play very happy, happy to play now after the home, the results can not find the way home to think of the brothers for help. Bai Xiujing s reply is very simple, is to see the sky to see where to see where the blue is to fly. Squatting in the cave Xiao Xiao really stretched out half of Microsoft Certification the head to the sky to see, Chou Chou Chou, find the day of the desert days with the copper furnace city is the same, are blue, all blue Microsoft Database let her where Fly The Know the three brothers are teasing their own, but Xiao Xiao or with a look of cheated tone to the white view King complained, how can deceive the simple and lovely little girl, is not you want to go back. Bai Xiujing endured laughing, feeling quite good back to the sentence, told you to go out to play crazy, Pro home to think of it do not know the road, you have such a bear child Well Xiao Xiao look of rogue, because i.t is a bear child, so I just came home did not know the way home ah Brothers and brothers happy exchange of a moment, three brothers were coaxed happy, Microsoft Database it exam and finally loose, and tell their own how to go home home. Xiao Xiao found this back really troublesome, Ray Temple in the fixed mountain range is indeed set a Chuansong Zhenfa, but in the fixed mountain range closer to the center of the location, but not into the matrix method on Can directly return to the door of the kind, that send the

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98-364 Microsoft Database Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Database
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