the most is the lack of money, he had seemingly scenery, in fact, did not earn a few mo.ney, gambling everywhere, but also owed a debt, when his fierce time , No one dared to he and his debt. But he is now nothing, Hupenggouyou coax, the creditors are blocking the door, one than a fierce, even the medical expenses can not MOS it exam afford to pay, but also how money debt. I have no choice but to discuss with his family, they take care of Wang Si Bao, I came out to make money. Then you come to Jiangcheng I listened to Xiao Fen s speech, a kind of rabbit dead fox sad sad. Yes, I would like to stay in the Qinzhou, but those creditors pestering me every day, I thought, MOS or back to the river city, this bar business is good, not.many people know me, I can feel at ease earn some money. I nodded, are you a few days Two or three days, has been in this bar to be, the boss before the king four treasures for him well, he also quite take care of me. Xiaofen smiled, sail brother, I have noticed you two days, every time you Just one person, listen to the song, drink a glass of wine, and every time that is the first I wish, this song Microsoft Certification has a story Xiao

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
77-600 MCAS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker Microsoft MOS
77-601 MOS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-602 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-603 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-604 Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-605 MCAS: Microsoft Office Access 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-881 Word 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-882 Excel 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-883 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Practice Test Microsoft MOS
77-884 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Practice Test Microsoft MOS
77-885 MS Access 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-886 SharePoint 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-888 Excel 2010 Expert Microsoft MOS
MOS-AXP Microsoft Access 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-E2K Microsoft Excel 2000 CORE Microsoft MOS
MOS-EXP2002 Microsoft Excel 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-O2K Microsoft Outlook 2000 Microsoft MOS
MOS-OXP2002 Microsoft OutLook 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-P2K PowerPoint 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-WXP2002 Microsoft Word 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
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