icance of the inspection, I think this is not the level of the problem, this is the attitude of the problem. Since the attitude is not correct, so there is no need to check again. Golden head directly sentenced me to death. Several school leaders meet each other, it seems to agree to the proposal of the big head, and my eyes instantly black, over, I am not only shame today and lost nothing. MCP I.n this case, Zhang Fan, you do not read this check, go on. Vice President Li spoke. My legs and a soft almost to sit on the stage, this sentence to my clothes are stripped, and I was dingy to step down. And so on. Bai Xiaoro stood up, President Li, Zhang, I do not agree with the views of the Director. White teacher, then you have any comments Vice President Li asked. Zhang Fan this MCP it exam morning Microsoft Certification to school, I reviewed the inspection of Zhang Fan, written very seriously, very deep, which shows that he is serious reflection of their mistakes, and his attitude is no problem. As for his earlier voice some low , But also a little knock P.akistan, can understand that in front of so many people do check, let alone a student, that is, adults can not stand.He can go to the stage is already very courage, and this courage is not the best attitude Do you have to give up this courage and let him re read it again. Bai Xiaoruo fini

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70-210 Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Microsoft MCP
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