ck mist. Well, the king will F5 Certification fulfill you today. Chapter 250 Brothers against the head You Wang col.d Mo annoying body covered with black mist, two groups of black gas show out of the hands of the speed of thunder to the hell Dragon King. Liu Zhengyu some dementia, and even did not want to go through F5 Certification it exam what is going on, this scene, he also react, did not hesitate, jumped, quickly to the front of the Dragon King. Hong. Wan Jun s black fog hit Liu Zhengyu s body, a blood out of his body as if to explode in general. At the same time two women at the same time call Road, one is Liu Zhengyu behind the F5 Certification blue piano, a quiet behind the quiet behind, the two almost at the same time flying to Liu Zhengyu in front of a left and right to his arm. Cold brother, do not between the words of blood again rolled out of the mouth, sprinkled on their own purple skirt.. Hell Dragon King s face is embarrassing, looking for a block against their own Liu Zhengyu, my heart can not tell the feeling, eyes more glared at the king. What do you mean Cold trouble no longer attack the Dragon King, in his view, the Dragon King is simply vulnerable. Cold brother, I no matter who you are, but also to the next face to let the Dragon King. Liu Zhengyu pain hard, b

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